220 W Plum St, #840, Edinboro, PA, 16412

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Reviewed by: ddlong629 on: 2019/8/16 13:07:25
Rude!!!!!!!!! After being rude, talked to a coworker about me in their language right in front of me. I might not know their language but I could make out a few words and I can definitely interpret tone of voice and body language. “0” STARS!!!!
Reviewed by: ddlong629 on: 2019/8/16 12:59:29
Dried up food, I mean stuck to the bottom of the pan.
Reviewed by: ddlong629 on: 2019/8/16 12:59:28
Dried up food, I mean stuck to the bottom of the pan.
Reviewed by: mabutcher22 on: 2019/3/19 5:52:09
This place was the filthy!!! Some of the food was cold coming off of the buffet! They never took the old food out before putting fresh food on top on the buffet. The ice cream scoop water bucket i don't think was ever rinsed out in between people using it to get ice cream. The floors looked like they haven't been clean in years. A lot of duct tape on the floors.. I was overall disgusted with my experience and will not be returning. plus children 3 and under should have a bigger discount seems how they hardly eat anyway....
Reviewed by: dhdallas on: 2016-03-07
Limited selection and lukewarm food temps! They only have 3 food islands and 1 of them is non-Chinese food such as fruit, cookies, pudding, etc. In addition, the food is barely warm and I wonder about its safety. The food is generally pretty bland and I would not recommend.
Reviewed by: spryspy1 on: 2015-12-23
Worse Chinese food ever. They got the order wrong too. Beef in beef and brocolli was undercooked and had no flavor. And it was greasy. Fried rice was all wrong as well. Added vegetables I didn't ask for and left out vegetables I did want. What a waste of $34! Definitely not worth it.
Reviewed by: ktkk4f on: 2015-06-10
Okay, so myself and 2 guy friends, plus our kids walk into this establishment. We had been working in the woods all day, and just looking for a quick bite to eat on our way home. At first, the place is like most other Chinese restaurants. Then you get the service from the lady behind the register. Let me tell you it is the worst service you could have. Like I stated above, we were in the woods working and there was some dirt on our boots. Nothing severe, but this lady was flipping out like we had just dumped a truck load of dirt on her place. Then when our kids went to go get a refill on drinks, she flipped out on them. They didn't know you needed a new glass to get another drink. So she yelled and them, then said, "You never come back here again!" I didn't know not knowing their policies, that they do not have posted, except to get a clean plate when you go to get more food was grounds for being banned from this business. The only enjoyable part of our experience there was the gentleman that was working there, who was laughing at her behind her back because she was being so ridiculous. It is truly a shame, the place is in a nice area of Edinboro, probably frequented by the many college kids that are around. The could/should be making money like it's no ones business. But with service like that, it would be my recommendation that no one go there. Take you business to any of the other places that may also only have mediocre food, but at least treat you like a guest, not a nuisance.
Reviewed by: eleven on: 2010-09-01
I love Hunan Chicken in the buffet restauraut!
Reviewed by: photochick1981 on: 2010-07-25
Best fried cheese won-tons in the area!
Reviewed by: photochick1981 on: 2010-07-25
Best fried cheese won-tons in the area!
Reviewed by: ye on: 2010-07-13
Reviewed by: lee24lotus on: 2010-07-08
The food here is great! Their General Tso's Chicken is one of the best I've had compared to other chinese restuarants. It's a nice place to go to.
Reviewed by: 0 on: 2010-06-25
I had a positive exchange with the waiter. She kind of courtesy. In the course of my entire meal was commendable performance. Thoughtful and efficient service. Can be seen from the details. Her own image in the care and grooming up and down the effort. gives a sense of fresh
Reviewed by: HI on: 2010-06-25
I like to eat chicken. I think sect left the restaurant taste.